Md Abdus Subhan
Md Abdus Subhan

Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh

International Chemical Engineering and Catalysis Conference

Dr. Md Abdus Subhan received his PhD from Osaka University, with Japanes
Government Monbusho Scholarship (Recommended by Bangladesh
Government). Currently he is a Professor at Shah Jalal University of Science and Technology, Sylhet, Bangladesh. He held several postdoctoral positions in different countries including VBL (venture business laboratory) fellowship in Materials and Life Science, Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University, Japan; BK 21 postdoc fellowship in Seoul National University and NRF (National Research Foundation, South Korea) postdoc fellowship Andong National University, South Korea; and Fulbright Visiting Scholar fellowship in Northeastern University, Boston, MA, USA. His current research field is nanomaterials, nanomedicine and drug delivery. He has a great contribution in sensor, catalytic, optical and drug delivery research using nanomaterials, which is reflected in his published papers in recent years. He has published 66 papers with many appearing in the high-impact journals. He has strong track record (h-index 15, i10 index 28). Dr. Subhan has received several national and international prestigious Awards and Grants: TWAS research award; Ministry of Science & Technology (MOST) and Ministry of Education (MOE), BD grant awards; Excellent Article Award, Chinese Society of Metals; United Group best paper awards; Vice-Chancellor award (SUST); UGC (University Grants Commission) Gold Medal award, BD; and Fulbright Visiting Scholar award, USA. Dr. Subhan recently actively participated in Longwood Seminar series 2019, Harvard Medical School, Harvard, Boston, MA, USA; Fulbright Visiting Scholar Enrichment Seminar, Combating Addiction, Lexington, University of Kentucky, USA, March 20-23, 2019 and
Smart Drug Development and Design, Symposium and Workshop by Catalent Pharmaceuticals, Northeastern University, Eagan Research Center, Boston, MA, USA, March 12, 2019 for clinical related experience. Dr. Subhan was an invited speaker of the Fulbright Outreach Lecture, Percy Julian Seminar Series, Coppin State University, Baltimore, Maryland, USA, April 19, 2019, He is a regular reviewer of several high impact journals of Royal Society of Chemistry and Elsevier Science, publications.